Become a retailer with us! 

When you partner with us, you are partnering with success!

Retail is tough. Your customers are coming to you for advice, guidance, and quality products at competitive prices. We deliver a brand that is focused on your demographic and customer profile. We’ll work with you to target, sell and retain your customers when they buy CBD from your store.

We deliver Quality CBD to keep your customers returning to your store!

Our products are:

100% Organic

Grown on American Family Farms

Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility

3rd Party Lab Tested

When it comes to promoting and supporting our retailers, we’re the Best!

In addition to re-selling quality, we support your efforts with:

  • Customized displays
  • Graphics for website and print promotion
  • Customized Special Discount codes and loyalty programs for your customers
  • Product support for you and your sales team

We’ll Focus on Your Success

  • Special Events & Promotion Activities
  • Product & Industry Updates
  • We’ll customize easy handouts and QRC Codes for special events